#142 – Breakfast by the Lake

Carthage Summer Lake

It’s shaping up to be another absolutely gorgeous day today – is there possibly a better way to kick it off than eating breakfast on the patio overlooking the lake?  Take it from Jason K. (’14) and Merry G. (’14)  who experienced it first hand, and took this totally awesome photo.  Only 3 more days of class, a weekend, and three days of finals remain and then most of you will be heading off campus to whatever summer adventure awaits — don’t forget to soak up the sun (and the views!!!) before you leave! 

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#141 – Being an Advocate

Ellis & Myles outside of their room, with the pledge of support on their door.

Ellis & Myles outside of their room, with the pledge of support on their door.

In his recent submission to the blog, Adam S. (’14) quotes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Dumbledore says to Harry, “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”  Being an advocate can be extraordinarily challenging at times, especially when you’re advocating for someone (or a group of people) that does not always get the “popular” vote.  Check out Adam’s message:

A few weeks ago I noticed a pledge of support for the LGBT community on Ellis M.‘s door. I asked Ellis about the sign, and he seemed really shocked that some may have thought it was placed there in jest. He insisted that it was serious, and said that he doesn’t see why someone would joke about it. He said that everyone deserves equality and respect and that’s exactly what the pledge promotes.  That night, someone ripped down Ellis’ pledge.  An anonymous supporter slipped another pledge under Ellis’ door. The next day, Ellis had reposted the pledge on his door. His roommate, Myles O., had posted one as well. When asked why he followed suit Myles responded with the same idea as Ellis, that he needed to stand for what he believed in whether his friends agree or not. 

Total awesomeness right there!  Yet another great example of the support within the Carthage community – we are all in this together!  I give huge props to both Ellis M. and Myles O. for being so awesome!

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#140 – A Full Moon Over the Lake

As I was walking around campus last night, I saw many students taking photos of the full moon over the lake.  Most of them had their cell phones directed in the general area, and I imagined that they were able to capture about 20% of the beauty of the scene.  Then I came across this photo on Facebook and encouraged the photographer to submit it to the blog:

9:20pm, 24 April 2013 Outside of Johnson Hall

9:20pm, 24 April 2013
Outside of Johnson Hall

David G. (’16) had his Digital SLR camera out and about and decided to take some shots of the moon.  Using some time lapse techniques, he was really able to capture the distinct brightness that comes with a full moon – something I’ve typically found elusive.   Thanks for submitting the photo, David – it’s really awesome!

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#139 – Packing 14,000 meals in 2 hours

Carthage awesomeI can’t believe the numbers submitted here by Kaylene F. (’16):

“On Saturday (the 20th), 60+ students volunteered to help package meals that are designed to fight malnourishment and starvation. In just under 2 hours this amazing group of people packed over 14,000 meals for children in Haiti! Thank you to all of the amazing people who came out and helped. Thank you to everyone on the Campus Missions Week team for putting together an aweome week of events! We couldn’t have done it without all you!”

What an awesome event full of awesome-awesomeosity!  Keep being incredible, Carthage!

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#138 – Pushing Us to Be Our Best

good deedThank you so much to Abby M. (’16) for sharing the story below.  With so much happening in the news to make us question our faith in humanity, stories like this remind us that the world is made up of good people – people who are willing to drop everything and help others.

“Once upon a time, a girl was in a wheelchair. It was raining really hard, and the girl was having a hard time steering her wheelchair. She was trying to get to her class, was running late, and almost rolled off the sidewalk. Suddenly, a guy who saw her and asked if she needed help. She said yes, and he pushed her all the way to her class, even though they had never met before.

This was me today. To the guy who helped me, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I’m super sorry I didn’t get your name, but I want to tell you that you have given me hope for the human race. This is why I love Carthage. ♥”

So totally and incredibly awesome.

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#137 – Relay for Life 2013

Carthage Relay ExcitementIt was very ambitious (some said insane) for Colleges Against Cancer to set their fundraising goal for this year’s Relay for Life to match a full year’s tuition: $42,000.  When the announcement was made – that the goal had been MET and SURPASSED – it was incredible.  Everyone in the TARC Field house erupted in shouts, screams, and applause.  The atmosphere was truly indescribable.

HUGE props to everyone who is a part of Colleges Against Cancer, to those that volunteered for the event, who came and walked, who raised money and raised awareness, who performed throughout the night, and so many, many more!

To find out more about this awesome event, contact Brooke Khaly (bkhaly@carthage.edu) or Shannon Keating (skeating@carthage.edu) – they’ll be able to give you full details.   You can also check out the Colleges Against Cancer Facebook page!

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#136 – The Diversity Institute

Last week, Laura Kitoi (Hall Director for Tarble, Swenson, and the Apartments) put together an incredible series of workshops called the “Diversity Institute.”  It was all kinds of awesome.  Check out what Laura had to say about it: 

Multicultural Affairs CarthageIncluding our 15 presenters, we had 100 people from Carthage participate in the Diversity Institute!!! Of those 100 people, 27 qualified to get a mug & certificate by going to at least 5 sessions.  Many more participants were looking to learn on a topic that intrigued them and went to multiple sessions. I think that’s shows something about Carthage students: they were eager to learn and have a dialogue on these diverse topics and did not need pizza or a mug as an incentive. 

The sessions with over 40 attendees were Dani Geary’s “White Privilege in Higher Education” where she explored the inequalities that exist for students of color and Courtney Drew’s session “Taking the “T” out of  LGBT” where she presented on gender identity rather than sexual identity and how to be an ally. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Laura for putting together this series!  Carthage students were able to learn SO MUCH about diverse topics!  I have spoken to many of the participants, each of whom have spent a good deal of time sharing their excitement for what they’ve learned.  Way to be awesome, Laura!  And way to be awesome, Carthage!!

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