#98 – Checking the Weather (without your TV or Smartphone)

I was walking outside near the new basketball court and I heard, “hey!” from one of the windows on the Johnson first floor.  When I stopped, looked around, and identified where this voice was coming from, I saw Josh P. standing at his window.   He continued, “on a scale of 1-10, how cold is it outside?”  I thought about it for a moment, then told him it was about a “3” on the scale (if 1 was cold and 10 was hot.)  He thanked me for my input and left the window, I assumed to get ready.  Later in the morning, I saw him walk past the Dean of Students office where he corrected me – apparently it was more like a “2.”  I smiled and giggled.  How fun is that?!  I love Josh’s outgoing style – I mean, it’s one thing to check the weather channel, but it’s totally awesome to get the opinion of someone actually walking outside!  So thanks, Josh – for brightening my day… sorry it was a little chillier than I may have thought.  (Watch out for the winter coming up!!)

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One Response to #98 – Checking the Weather (without your TV or Smartphone)

  1. Katie Bowers says:

    A 2!!!! Just wait for the mid January winds to be whipping off the Lake and then ask him again what today felt like! LOL. Stay warm Carthage Students.

    a fellow alumn

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