#112 – Leaf Raking

Falling leaves provide countless hours of energy for young kids: jumping in piles of leaves, running through streets filled with ’em, contests to find the coolest leaf – you name it, it is fun, right?  Children have such wild imaginations that they go wild for it!  I hope this awesome submission by Courtney McNeal (Johnson Hall Director & Director of Community Service and Leadership Development) inspires some of that kid-style love:

“On Sunday, November 4th I worked with a great group of students who gave up their Sunday mornings and afternoons to help rake the lawns of Carthage faculty, staff and family members in need of assistance with their fall leaf raking. In the morning shift, from 8:45am to 11:45am,  there were over 20 students participating in leaf raking and were able to rake 5 yards of leaves. In the afternoon, 12:45pm to 5:00pm, there we 12 students who assisted in leaf raking and once again, we were able to rake 5 yards clear of leaves. The families that we helped were very grateful for the time that we were able to spare them in their annual yard work. We had a great time!”

How awesome is that? Those students got some fresh fall air, and the folks they helped picked up some energy and positivity!  Such great work, everyone!

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2 Responses to #112 – Leaf Raking

  1. Beatrice Crosse says:

    I’m the proudest Mom in the world, my daughter, Tya Crosse my little princess is in this picture,
    This is the first time ever… we wont be together for thanksgiving, and I’m missing her. I’m soo thankfull for all of you Carthage College Stuff Members….thank you for making my daughter feel special!

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