#121 – Giving Thanks, the 2A Way

You may remember a submission from Tyler S. (’16) recently, entitled “More than a Floor” wherein Tyler spoke about how his floor had developed a great community.  He gave a shout out to his RA, John B. (’14) for being so awesome.  Well, now it’s John’s turn to talk about his love of his floor:

197950_2398060427950_66355325_n“Madrigrano 2A is seriously the most amazing floor I’ve lived on since being at Carthage, and I love being the Resident Assistant on the floor.. The floor feels like home for everyone on there, and the residents are so friendly! For a floor program I had last night, we threw a Christmas Party with food, games, and prizes. My residents surprised me with a few presents that they all pitched in money for. They bought me a Taylor Swift blanket (for my obsession with her), a laser pointer, signed a huge card, and made a giant photo collage of pictures of the floor. They even got together and all took a group photo for it! It was one of the best presents I’ve ever received, and it means so much that they put so much thought into everything. I could NOT have asked for a better floor!”

Talk about an awesome community!!  Well done, gentlemen!!

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