#127 – A ReBoot on Valentine’s Day

No matter your thoughts on Valentine’s Day (love it, hate it, indifferent towards it) – I think you’ll appreciate Vivian O.‘s challenge to all of us.  Help her out by showing generosity towards your peers and our community today!

As it has been in the past, Valentine’s Day has always been a day for loved ones to shower each other with gifts as a way of expressing their love. This year we need to change from the norm and be unique, let’s make it a day for showing acts of kindness to those around us. And by this, I don’t mean you start wondering about  how you will get to a children’s home or hospital to offer service; you can dedicate this day to help your classmates with homework, shower smiles towards  those you meet, or  just anything to brighten someone’s day. On Generosity Day, one billion people will be rising to say NO to Violence against Women which includes Female Genital Mutilation, Rape and Sexual crimes, Human Trafficking, Forced Early Marriage and Domestic violence.  People are rising up for the human rights of every woman and girl to live free of fear and violence. You may all join the conversations on twitter using the hash tags; #OneBillionRising  and #GenerosityDay. Happy Generosity Day!!”

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