#131 – An E-mail Chain about Snow Removal

urlIf you didn’t know we got a lot of snow on Tuesday night into yesterday, you may have been living under a rock.  In that case, good morning!  For the rest of us, the snow presented a number of problems, namely safe travel around campus.  The Carthage maintenance and security crew worked around the clock trying to get and keep the walkways and roadways clear.

Around 8:30am, an e-mail chain started in the Faculty-Staff list-serve.  Donna D. wrote, “I want to say that maintenance has done a great job on the snow removal all winter. Thank you for the hard work you do at keeping the campus clear of snow,” and that kicked off a whole slew of people who cheered on the efforts of our dedicated maintenance and security crews.

So the moral of this story is two-fold.  One – HUGE props to maintenance and security for working so hard under such awful conditions (I mean, snow is one thing… snow + rain + ice = terrible!!) to keep our campus clean and safe, and two – great work to those who took the time to recognize the awesome efforts!!

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