#136 – The Diversity Institute

Last week, Laura Kitoi (Hall Director for Tarble, Swenson, and the Apartments) put together an incredible series of workshops called the “Diversity Institute.”  It was all kinds of awesome.  Check out what Laura had to say about it: 

Multicultural Affairs CarthageIncluding our 15 presenters, we had 100 people from Carthage participate in the Diversity Institute!!! Of those 100 people, 27 qualified to get a mug & certificate by going to at least 5 sessions.  Many more participants were looking to learn on a topic that intrigued them and went to multiple sessions. I think that’s shows something about Carthage students: they were eager to learn and have a dialogue on these diverse topics and did not need pizza or a mug as an incentive. 

The sessions with over 40 attendees were Dani Geary’s “White Privilege in Higher Education” where she explored the inequalities that exist for students of color and Courtney Drew’s session “Taking the “T” out of  LGBT” where she presented on gender identity rather than sexual identity and how to be an ally. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Laura for putting together this series!  Carthage students were able to learn SO MUCH about diverse topics!  I have spoken to many of the participants, each of whom have spent a good deal of time sharing their excitement for what they’ve learned.  Way to be awesome, Laura!  And way to be awesome, Carthage!!

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