#141 – Being an Advocate

Ellis & Myles outside of their room, with the pledge of support on their door.

Ellis & Myles outside of their room, with the pledge of support on their door.

In his recent submission to the blog, Adam S. (’14) quotes Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Dumbledore says to Harry, “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.”  Being an advocate can be extraordinarily challenging at times, especially when you’re advocating for someone (or a group of people) that does not always get the “popular” vote.  Check out Adam’s message:

A few weeks ago I noticed a pledge of support for the LGBT community on Ellis M.‘s door. I asked Ellis about the sign, and he seemed really shocked that some may have thought it was placed there in jest. He insisted that it was serious, and said that he doesn’t see why someone would joke about it. He said that everyone deserves equality and respect and that’s exactly what the pledge promotes.  That night, someone ripped down Ellis’ pledge.  An anonymous supporter slipped another pledge under Ellis’ door. The next day, Ellis had reposted the pledge on his door. His roommate, Myles O., had posted one as well. When asked why he followed suit Myles responded with the same idea as Ellis, that he needed to stand for what he believed in whether his friends agree or not. 

Total awesomeness right there!  Yet another great example of the support within the Carthage community – we are all in this together!  I give huge props to both Ellis M. and Myles O. for being so awesome!

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One Response to #141 – Being an Advocate

  1. crashandtumble8 says:

    As a soon to be former Carthage student and gay male, I would like to thank these gentlemen for doing something that not many straight male college students would do by standing up for our rights. It is EXTREMELY refreshing and encouraging to see that other’s my age are joining in on the biggest civil rights issue of the moment.

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